Khilgaon Government High School. This educational institution was established in 1967. Apart from schools, there are also college branches here. Currently it is known as one of the most famous educational institutions in Bangladesh.

The main institution consists of several buildings. In front of it is the playground. It also has several playgrounds divided into smaller sections inside. The main school building is two storied and the college building is five storied. It houses the headmaster's residence and has its own spacious dormitory outside the main infrastructure. Apart from the main two entrances, there are currently two different entrances to the college. It is an entirely boys high school and college.

Education system
This educational institution provides education from 1st class to 12th class. Education is imparted in Bengali medium in this educational institution. Classes are conducted here in two shifts (day branch and morning branch). In addition, there are affiliated branches. It also has a school attached to the Government as well as within it where lower secondary level education is imparted in a single shift. College branch started here since 2008. Here science and commerce are mainly in two branches. There is also a small scale education for children with disabilities. The admission process is completed as per the policies formulated by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board.

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