Dear Friends,

People with faith have always needed a place of worship throughout history. The place of worship is a consecrated space where the teaching of religion conveyed, various religious devotions and rituals held. between people and God, people and people, and people and non-human beings. The site of worship has played an essential role in helping people build good relationships with each other.

Through the place of worship, people became closer to each other, cooperated to solve any problems, and worked together with each other.

Sometimes sinners have evacuated to a place of worship to save their lives. Also, sometimes, monks who have left the secular world live in there to start to walk the path to enlightenment. At other times, wealthy people chose a place of worship as a storehouse to store their wealth and property. In this context, the theory that modern banking procedures emerged in temples seems not frail at all.

The religion of Islam has emphasized the act of group worship and congregation prayers. As a result, the demand for places of worship continued to increase with the increase in Muslims, resulting in the construction of large and magnificent places of worship throughout the area where Islam. is a dominant religion. First and foremost, the Masjid Nabawi (The Prophet Masjid) in Madinah, and to name a few, Masjid al-Amawi (Syria), Masjid Qurtuba (Spain), Masjid Samarra (Iraq), Ibn Tulun Masjid ( Egypt), Kalon Masjid (Uzbekistan), Faisal Masjid (Pakistan), Sultan Ahmet Camii (Blue Mosque), Süleymaniye Camii and Selimiye Camii (Turkey) .

In Japan, Tokyo Camii was built in 1938 by Tatars who evacuated from Kazan, Russia, relying on the friendly hospitality of people in this country. Due to aging, it was rebuilt in 2000. Since then, this place plays a role as a bridge between tradition and the future for us today.

Tokyo Camii was built based on the Ottoman-Turkish style, and while maintaining the tradition, it also has the characteristics of modern architecture. A variety of activities such as weddings, theaters, exhibitions, and lectures are held in the multi-purpose hall on the 1st floor, giving the light to the future with its unique allure.

Tokyo Camii is visited by many Japanese people every day as one of the  facility complexes  to gain the right knowledge of Islam. We convince that welcoming all of you will bring the fruitful result to the long-established friendship between Japan and Turkey. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for all of your kindness to Tokyo Camii.

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