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Shah Paran Rah. He was Shahjalal's sister's son. He was born in the Hadramaut region of Yemen and was one of Shahjalal's 360 awliya. He came to India with his uncle Shahjalal. From there he came to Sylhet city. His shrine is also located in Sylhet district.

The ancestors of Shah Paran were originally residents of the city of Bokhari. His 4th eldest son, Shah Jamal Uddin, came from Bokhari to preach the religion, first in Samarkand and then in Turkestan. Genealogically, Shah Paran's father Mohammad was also known as a renowned religious figure. His mother was a sister of Shah Jalal's relatives. As such, Shah Paran is the nephew of Shah Jalal.
Shah Paran preached Islam in different places including Nabiganj and Habiganj in Sylhet. Later, when the miraculous events were revealed, he (Shah Paran) came to Khadim Nagar area in Dahminkach Pargana, six miles from Sylhet city, and settled down for the purpose of spreading religion, and preached Islam until the end of his life, and laid to rest in the present shrine mound.

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