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Tamabil is an area bordering the Sylhet region of Bangladesh, located 4 km before Jaflong. From here, one can observe many places of interest besides mountains, springs of India. The nearest river to Tamabil is Tairangal.

Tamabil is located in Goainghat upazila bordering Sylhet. Located 54 km from Sylhet city of Bangladesh, Tamabil is a border post on the Sylhet-Shillong road. It lies between Bangladesh and the Indian state of Meghalaya. Its distance from Shilling is 82 km and from Dhaka 300 km.

places of interest
As Tamabil is a border area of ​​Bangladesh, the hills, mountains, springs, waterfalls of India can be seen directly from here. There are many waterfalls on the other side of the border, these waterfalls are beautiful to see in the afternoon and twilight.

Hundreds of visitors flock to the Tamabil border every day to see these breathtaking scenes. Coal and other stones including white stone are imported from India through this land port which is supplied by land to various parts of Bangladesh, it is the last home of Bangladesh, located on the Bangladesh–India border, and is famous for the Jainta Hill Resort.

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