In the year 1967 the Muslim community of Bangladeshi origin (then East Pakistan) living in Manchester and adjoining towns decided to establish a Mosque of their own from donations and contributions from members of its own community. Late Messrs. Muhammad Abdul Matin Chowdhury, Bosharat Ali, Syed Abdul Hannan and Makaddus Bakht were elected as holding trustees and given the task of completing the purchase of the building at 1A Eileen Grove, Rusholme, Manchester, previously owned by Maclaren Public Institute. Soon afterwards the Mosque started functioning in the said premises.

At a public meeting in May 1975, it was decided to call the building “Shahjalal Mosque and Islamic Centre” and also to form a committee to run the organisation. In the following week, at a meeting of the general body of membership of the Mosque, a committee was formed to frame a constitution for the Mosque for its smooth running and maintenance, and for the fulfilment of the aims and objectives of the organisation as outlined in 1967.

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