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Satchari National Park is a natural park in Bangladesh. "Satchari National Park" was established in 2005 with an area of ​​243 hectares under the Wildlife Conservation/Remediation Act of 1974. The park has seven mountain ridges, hence its name Satchari (meaning seven ridged). Earlier name of Satchari was "Raghunandan Hill Reserve Forest".

Satchari National Park is located at Raghunandan Hill in Paikpara Union of Chunarughat Upazila of Habiganj District. Its distance by road from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is 130 km. There are 9 tea gardens near the park. Satchari tea garden is located on the western side of the garden and Chaklapunji tea garden on the eastern side. Inside the park, 24 families of a hill tribe live in the Tipra neighborhood. This tropical and mixed evergreen montane forest lies at the junction of the Indian subcontinent and the Indo-China region.

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