Salaam Community Association & Masjid is established for charitable purposes:

Aims & Objectives:
To foster and aid the spirit of friendship and unity within and outside of the community
To promote understanding and respect for the law and respect for various cultures and faiths
To carry out Social, Educational, Training, Welfare and Economic activities for the benefit of the community
To promote equal opportunities for all communities
To encourage all law abiding people to integrate into British Society and respect the law of the land

The Charity’s Vision:
To bring through the teachings of Islam, peace, and harmony in communities where family and social cohesion is most needed.

Our vision has grown from strength to strength. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that new Muslims feel comfortable to practice Islam without having to lose their cultural identity. That Islam is practised according to the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) without any addition or influence from cultural perspectives.

To promote any charitable purpose in Manchester as accepted by the Charity Commission.
To provide facilities, amenities and resources targeting the needs of women, youths, children, the elderly and disabled.
To engage in interfaith activities and the community at large in the area of benefit, to encourage community cohesion, mutual understanding, tolerance, and respect.
To encourage or contribute to the economic development of the area of benefit to assist and promote social and community enterprise
To provide and improve training of youths and the larger community.
Our efforts to assist the community have expanded greatly over the past 28 years and to further these efforts. In 2015 the trustees of Salaam Community Association and Masjid purchased the building formerly known as Mazda House a 2-storey building it was renting. The building is ideally located in the heart of inner-city Moss Side.  Our aim was to develop the building from its current state into a community-based facility and service to serve the local community and to educate our future generation of young Muslims and the larger community.

Salaam Community Association and Masjid has a sizeable task ahead. Moss Side is a very deprived area in education and employment. This therefore impinges on health: mental and physical. The masjid has helped many young men in particular, to desist from a life of crime, drugs and degradation.

We intend to add a second floor in the near future to accommodate the growing number of people using the facilities and services.

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