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Ramna Park is located in Ramna area of ​​Dhaka city. It is the main center of the capital city's morning tour.

This garden was established in 1610 during the Mughal period. At that time Ramana's range covered a large area. Mughals named Ramana. Mughals built gardens from the old High Court building to the former road building. But later during the company period this area became a forest.

Later, from 1825 during the British Collector Dowage, various steps were taken for the development of Dhaka city, one of which was the development of Ramna area. At that time, a part of the area was enclosed and arranged for a race course. And the other part was named Ramana Green and started today's Ramana Park. At that time the Nawab family of Dhaka built a royal garden here which was named 'Shah Bagh'. The area of ​​the park then was about 89 acres. At that time, the Nawabs of Dhaka also built a zoo here. It was developed in the 19th century with the help of the British rulers and the Nawabs of Dhaka. Dhaka city landscape planning work started in 1908 by one of the workers of kiwi garden in London R. Under the supervision of L. Proudlock. The city's landscaping plan resulted in the development of Ramana Park. It took 20 years to complete the work. Which ended in 1928.

Even after the partition of India in 1947, Ramana remained an important area of ​​Dhaka. A new road was built from Shahbagh to Eden Building (Secretariat) and the eastern part of this road is the present Ramna Park. The zoo still existed at the northeast corner of the present Supreme Court building. Among the animals in the zoo were only a few tigers, bears and some birds of various species. Later the zoo was shifted to its present location in Mirpur. However, Ramana Park was officially inaugurated in 1949.

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