North London Islmic Centre (NLIC) is an essential  project being set up in the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful. It is a registered Charity with the Govt of Canada bearing registration number 82136-1631 RR0001.

London is rapidly  expanding  both in the North and the West. With the ever expanding city the Muslim community is also expanding and is in need of  centres at approachable distances. The current mosques in the South and in central London have been providing services to the community but it is felt that they do not have the facilities to provide services to the expanding muslim population in the future.

Therefore, keeping the present and future expansions in mind it is felt that the Northern part of the city is underserved. To serve the community better it is essential that easily accessible communal facilities are created in the North of london. Hence, we have purchased the property known as 23266 Nairn Road, Komoka. This is going to be the future home of NLIC. Renovations and construction will be required which is not possible without your participation.

NLIC will play a vital role in spreading the message of love and peace of Islam and will promote interfaith harmony. It will also strengthen connections and increase collaboration among various Muslim Associations, Mosques and Community centres, Insha-Allah.

May Allah accept this initiative from all ou us, guide us and help us in this endeavor. Ammen.

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