Like so many Muslim communities across North America, the North Austin Muslim Community started with just a few worshipers. In 1990, a dozen brothers began praying Friday prayers (Salat al-Jum’ah) in a house on Prairie Dove Circle in Austin, Texas. Soon after, the numbers began to grow.
A non-profit organization was established and named the North Austin Muslim Community Center. The group moved into a rented location on North Lamar Blvd. This newly formed community worked hard over the next few years to raise funds and find the right location to purchase for a permanent masjid.

The right piece of property came on the market and, alhamdulillah, the property was bought for $152k. There were three buildings on the property badly in need of renovations. The community worked hard and renovated one of the buildings and opened first ever masjid in North Austin in December of 1996. A few years later the other 2 buildings were renovated for a Sunday School and Imam’s quarters

In 2012, the masjid was officially named Masjid Aisha, after the beloved wife of Prophet Muhammad, peace by upon him. Now, with over 1000 brothers and sisters attending Friday prayers, the community has outgrown its current location, and we have embarked on a project to complete the construction of a new masjid at the same location — one that will, insha Allah, accommodate this growing community for many years to come.

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