Newbury Park Masjid (NPM) resides in the leafy suburbs of Newbury Park, East London. The Masjid sits deep in the surrounds of greenbelt land offering a picturesque landscape and a sense of spiritual serenity.

Our story was humble, organic and purposeful. In early 2008, a group of local Muslims resolved to establish a place to congregate and worship Allah. There were no other Masajids within walking distance of Newbury Park.

Finding an appropriate location was a challenge due to limited financial resources and a lack of space in which to congregate local Muslims. Despite these challenges, a plot of land was purchased from an auction on an ex-Salvation Army site and congregational salah soon commenced in a portacabin accommodating a small number of people. The desire for locals to pray in congregation soon out grew the limited space in the portacabin and a temporary wooden structure was subsequently erected to house approximately 100 or so worshippers.

After many years of fundraising, and by Allah’s grace, NPM now stands as a purpose built, two storey building with a subterranean level housing 300-400 worshippers.

NPM is a non-profit, registered charity organisation serving the community in many facets. It is governed by nine elected members known as the Executive Committee.

The management team of Newbury Park Masjid understands the responsibility which Allah has placed on them and as such all the key religious matters are discussed and approved through the consultation of ‘Ulamaa, Imaams and our Sharia Board under the umbrella of Ahlus Sunna wal Jama’ah.

Our vision is to make NPM the hub of the local community. NPM is unique in its philosophy of accommodating Muslims under the umbrella of Ahlus Sunna wal Jama’ah. We aim to provide religious and community services to all Muslims and to provide channels of understanding and communication between Muslims and the wider society at large. We aim to embody this vision by providing a variety of services that range from educational and charitable to social and religious.

Newbury Park Masjid, established in the green and lush area of Newbury Park, is now a source of great pride for locals, the wider Essex community and Muslims from far corners of the country. We warmly welcome new visitors to our masjid.

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