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Nazimgarh Resort This resort has built a secluded island in Khadimnagar, a little away from the city of Sylhet in Bangladesh. A picnic spot has been created at Lalakhal on the Meghalaya border under their management.

Only 15 minutes drive from Sylhet city. This resort is built on an area of ​​about 6 acres next to the Sylhet-Jafflong highway. Where there are more than 2 hundred people with overnight accommodation facilities.

Nazimgarh Picnic Spot
This picnic spot has been created at Lalakhal on the Meghalaya border. The Lalakhal tea plantation established during the British period is located in the bordering area of ​​India and Bangladesh. There are many small hills and tea gardens here. The Sari river flows by the side of the tea garden.

This is a great place to watch mountain waves. There are 15 cottages here. The restaurant has all kinds of food. The resort has a huge garden, swimming pool, picnic and camping spots. Own speedboat for river cruises. Lalakhal journey through Sari river by speed boat. Watch tower on top of hill to watch sunrise, sunset and Meghalaya hills. Next to Khasia Palli, Pan Baraj.

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