Nasrul-Lahi-l-Fathi Society  with the acronym NASFAT


There is no help except from Allah


To be a pace setting Islamic organization with widespread acceptance in and outside Nigeria


To develop an enlightened Muslim society nurtured by a true understanding of Islam for the spiritual upliftment and welfare of mankind


Based on the opportunities and threats in the environment, and in furtherance of the corporate vision and mission of the society, we have set for ourselves the following strategic objectives over the coming years

To have a world-class functional secretariat supporting one global society operating to common standards, with members spread across the world

To have a solid financial base with income from strategic investments

To promote the economic empowerment of our members

To become renowned for quality da'wah and developing true Muslims among NASFAT members

To establish international and local alliances affiliations to promote our strategic objectives

To promote the educational development of Muslims by establishing additional nursery/primary schools, secondary schools, publication of Islamic books and acquiring an operating license for a NASFAT- backed university


Shared Values

The following standards are the, beliefs and principles to provide guidance on how we will behave and operate, clarify how we make decisions, frame how we relate and communicate with each other and with our stakeholders:

Projecting the beauty of Islam in words and deeds

Strict adherence to the Holy Qu'ran and the Sunnah

Promotion of Islamic brotherhood

Pursuit of knowledge

Efficacy of prayers

Equality of all Muslims

Being caring, humane and tolerant

Distinguishing Competencies

The capabilities that will differentiate the society from others remain as follows:

Strong Prayer Group

Exemplary Leadership

Diverse And Committed Membership

Caring For All Strata Of Members

Creativity And Dynamism

Time Consciousness

Simplicity In Conduct

Sound Islamic Education

What We Will Not Do

NASFAT will not be involved in the following practices that can hinder the attainment of our collective aspirations:

We will not hero-worship

We will not disobey Islamic injunctions

We will not discriminate against Muslims

We will not encourage ostentation

We will not use NASFAT for the purpose of partisan politics

We will not tolerate immorality


Insha Allah, we reaffirmed our promise of the following benefits to our committed members:

Arabic and Islamic education

Improved general welfare

Sound spiritual guidance

Socio-economic advancement

Promotion of family values

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