One of the oldest examples of architecture is the traditional Miyabari Mosque. Built in the 18th century, this mosque is not only of Barisal, but also one of the oldest mosques in Bangladesh.

The two-storied mosque is located in North Karapur village of Barisal Sadar Upazila. Just 9 km west of Barisal city. Many tourists come from far and wide to see this tradition of Barisal. The mosque is still used for prayers.

According to local and historical sources, a person named Hayat Mahmud is the founder of Miyabari Mosque. Rebelling against the then British rule, the Prince of Wales was exiled to the island and his zamindari of Burjug Umedpur was also taken away.

After returning to the country after 16 years, he built two dighi and two storied mosques in the area. The Mughal style square mosque has 3 small domes on top. The middle of the three domes is slightly larger in size than the other two domes.

The mosque has a total of 8 big minarets including 4 minarets on the front wall and 4 minarets on the back wall. Besides, there are 12 smaller minarets between the front and back walls.

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