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Mediterranean Cuisine


If you would like some tasty Mediterranean food, this is the place for you.

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"Friendly workers and consistent with the flavors. I get the mix combo platter which is Lamb and Chicken with a small salad on the side on top of rice. Then you can pick either or both of the white sauce and red hot sauce. I get both sauces and extra spicy to get the extra nasal cleansing. Also they don't overcharge you like other places when you tell them to make your platter extra saucy.

Very very generous portion for $10. Depending how much you intake their platters can be a meal for one two or even a meal for now and later. They also have gyro options or meat with just salad or just rice I get both. And you can get the sauces on the side as well. They also deliver thru Doordash and maybe Grubhub too.

They close at 6pm Mon- Friday. Located right next to and in front of the Plaza building."

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