Assalamu Alaykum Respected and Fellow Community Brothers and Sisters,

We pray this message finds you in the best of states, InshaAllah.

Within the past few years Masjid Muhajireen has been planning for a new Masjid building. This has been a diligent process, working with engineers and the City of Hayward in coming up with the best and safest facility for our community. By the Mercy of Allah, our project was recently approved by the City Council and we have received full permission to begin construction.

Many of us have been attending Muhajireen Masjid and some of us since our childhood and teenage years. This Masjid has been apart of our lives from Quranic learning classes to weekly Friday Prayers, Ramadan Taraweeh's, to the birth of a passionate and spiritual program with the Hayward Halaqah, this Masjid has been a place for many of our fond memories.

The next steps for our future are on us. It is on us on to find out how we can have a part in the next phase and our next generation while continuing to preserve and better our present. Please donate and continue to make du'a for our project!

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