Welcome to the Buffalo Islamic Community Center (Masjid Bilal). The BICC is a religious, charitable, educational organization. For more than 15 years the members of the Buffalo Islamic Community Center  have being serving and helping the community in the West side of buffalo by  holding congregational prayers and  Islamic religious festivals at appropriate times, and  conduct religious and educational activities in the best traditions of Islam.

We are currently located in 343 Potomac St. Buffalo, NY 14213; however, our current place for prayer became very crowded because of the rapidly growing Muslim community in the West side of Buffalo. Salat al Jumah became very uncomfortable for many members, and the weekend Madrasa became very difficult to manage as the number of students coming to  the Masjid increased

Through the blessing of Allah (S.W.T) we were able to purchase the building located in

358 Grant St. Our attention is to renovate the building and to convert it to a Masjid so we can meet the demand of the large Muslim community in our  area.

We invite you to visit and extend an open invitation to anyone who wishes to stop by and observe the daily prayers.

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