Masjid Baitus Salam will provide various services to the community including daily 5 prayers and Salat Al-Jummah with accommodation of over 300 prayer spaces, Ta’alimul Quran programs for children and adults/elders, and Islamic teaching programs for everyone. For Non-Muslims, it will serve as the go-to center to know more about Islam and Muslims. For children, there will be a dedicated space to study, play and do physical activities.

Masjid Baitus Salam initiated to build the project back in March 2020 and would cost $700K to complete. For our own benefit in here and here-after, it’s encouraged that we all support this great cause which will accommodate over 300 prayer spaces, inshaAllah. Masjid Baitus Salam wants to use the 2800 square feet for prayer spaces and 5 car parking slots for visitors, and including more activities and engaging in the community. Building library, adding more events to include families and children, and facilitating Nikah events and much more will be provided

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