Madina Islamic Center (MIC) is a relatively new Islamic organization in the area, currently operating in a rented location. In a short span of time (less than four years) of MIC establishment, the services have expanded from Jumua’h and five daily prayers to children’s (male & female) classes, Tajweed and Tafseer classes, Arabic classes, regular family programs, Ramadan services, Eid prayer arrangements, youth activism and education and providing regular assistance for funeral & cemetery guidance and Janazah prayer arrangements. All this became possible because of communities dire need and enthusiasm. These services are well received and appreciated by increasing number of community members.

Our vision at MIC is to cater for the ever increasing community needs to establish a more inclusive, ethnically diverse and youth-centered Islamic center in the area, with focus on spiritual, educational, and recreational activities not only to cater for the demands of current generation, but more important are the youth, who are the future and the present, they should be provided with enough amenities and attraction to call Masjid (Islamic Center) their home. Most of their needs cannot be met in the present location. This is a unique approach in comparison to other great centers in the surrounding area. The community has been working diligently on plans to purchase a facility or build one that consists of a Masjid, an educational facility, a community center, sports and recreation center, a social services department and more. This is our dream. Relying on Allah (SWT) first and foremost and on the generosity of community members, outside individuals and charitable institutions, it is possible to achieve that goal, inshaAllah.

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