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Lovachhara is a beautiful place located in Lakshmi Prasad Union of Kanighat Upazila of Sylhet. Originally its name is Lovachara Tea Garden. And from the sources of this tea garden, a whole large area has been named Lobhachhara.

On the way to Muladi Bazar you will come across "Lovachara Tea Garden". Lobhachhara tea garden was built in English ownership on about 1839 acres of land during the British period, next to this border Lobhachhara river, which is part of Lakshiprasad union of Kanaighat upazila. To the north of the garden lies the state of Meghalaya in India and to the west a beautiful picnic spot and lush tea garden in Bangladesh. Enticing tea gardens are covered with the green color of the trees all over the lap of the hill.

Tea gardens, natural lakes and springs, suspension bridges, Miraping Shahr shrine, antiquities of Mughal kings and queens, ancient dighis, stone quarries and social forestry of forest department. Lovachara tea garden has rows of trees on both sides of the road, thick green Banani natural lake and clear water fountain. At the foot of the Khasia-Jainta hills in the northeastern border area of ​​Bangladesh, there are several sandy rivers with clear water. Lova river is one of them. Lova mouth is the confluence of Surma and Lova rivers. Mithila of blue sky with mountains, clouds and clear river water.

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