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Lakkatura Tea Garden Monolova is a tea garden Lakkatura at Chowkideki on Airport Road on the outskirts of Sylhet city. It is one of the largest tea gardens in Bangladesh. 5 lakh kg of tea is produced every year from this huge tea garden. Next to this is the Malnichhara tea garden, the largest and first established tea garden in Bangladesh and the subcontinent.

The tea garden was established in 1849 by the hands of English Mr. Hardson. This tea garden is run under National Tea Company Limited. Tea cultivation started from this tea garden in Sylhet. Which is now a part of history and tradition.

Lakkatura tea garden is the green forest that surrounds the northern edge of Sylhet city. It is spread over 293 hectares or about 3200 acres. Malnichhara and Lakkatura tea gardens side by side. The gap is only across the road. The Lakkatura tea estate sometimes surpasses the Malnichara tea estate in terms of excellence.
Walking in the garden, you will see orange, jackfruit and betel nut orchards. Besides, many medicinal and ornamental trees including tang fruit, agar, rubber, sandalwood. All along the path of the garden, dirt roads pass through the high and low hills. If you go inside on foot, you can walk for about two hours along each road.

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