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Jitu Mia's house is one of the main tourist attractions in Sylhet, located next to Kazirbazar New Bridge, which is part of Sylhet Sadar. It is particularly important as one of the historical landmarks and heritage sites of Sylhet. In 1911 AD, this historical house was built by Jagirdar Khan Bahadur Abu Nashar Mohammad Ehia aka Jitu Miah of Sylhet on the banks of Surma river on the right side of Sylhet city's entrance (North Surma) bridge in Kazirbazar area. It is within 500 meters of '0' point of Sylhet city.

Traditional Jitu Mia's house is located on 1.365 acres of land along the southern road of Kazirbazar at Sheikhghat in Sylhet city. This building is a unique example of Muslim architecture built with lime plaster. The current Kazirbazar cow market was the main house of the Kazis. The house was moved to its present location when it was destroyed in the earthquake of 1897. The building in front of this house was built in 1911.

How to go?
From Dhaka first go to Sylhet; Then go to the house from there. The distance from Dhaka to Sylhet by road is 241 km and by rail the distance from Dhaka to Sylhet railway station is 319 km. From Sylhet, you can easily reach Jitu Mia's house near Kazirbazar Bridge by rickshaw or CNG auto rickshaw.

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