The Islamic Cultural Center of New York is a religious and cultural organization, established in the early 1960’s. The original plan of the Center was to become a Muslim institution comprising a Mosque, school, library, a lecture hall, a museum, and a residence for the Imam. Its objectives include: (1) serving the neighboring Muslim community of Manhattan in particular, and the entire Muslim community of America, in general. This would be done by answering their religious needs and providing them with a place of worship, classes to assist them and their children where they learn detailed knowledge about their religion, Islam; (2) enlighten the American public opinion with the true knowledge about Islam: its teachings, ideology, philosophy and culture; (3) providing Muslim communities in the Americas with religious guidance and correct religious opinions and legal rulings of the Islamic law concerning religious, cultural and social critical questions; (4) promoting a good understanding and friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.

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