Serve Others so that you can better serve Yourself” – WAIT!!   Does this even make any sense?  please read on… Do you realize that others see your faith (Islam) through what THEY SEE IN YOUR BEHAVIOR?  Others see it mostly through your charity, through your good deeds, through your noble actions, through your ethics & values system,  through your service to others AS WELL as through your prayers and worship.? Dearest Community ASA WRB: Please  strive to be  better in your service to all of Gods creation; …as we strive to be more better in our understanding of being vicegerents (custodians (Gods mission for us on this Earth)) through a more moderate approach to our Faith;…as we strive be more righteous and good in all that we do; …as we strive be more moderate and remain more balanced in all that we do; …as we strive to be more welcoming to each of you (us) especially to our Youth & Ladies; …as we strive to show more of our appreciation to GOD for all that we have been individually been blessed with (and tested with) such as our wealth, our wisdom, our intellect, our skills, our position, even our fingers,…

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