Ilford Islamic Centre is the largest and most famous Mosque in Redbridge and is now very well known not just in London but throughout the country. It has developed over the years into a centre which has become a focal point for the muslims of Redbridge, providing a variety of facilities to serve the community.

Situated in the heart of South Ilford and within close proximity to Ilford Town Centre, the Mosque is easily accessible by all forms of transport and this in turn results in large congregations especially during Jumah prayer time.

The Masjid has a large number of members who every three years engage in a transparent and thorough election process to elect a Management Committee – this consists of 11 members and they are responsible for making the decisions which effect the day to day running of the Mosque. You can see a list of all the services here.

The role of the mosque extends beyond that of providing for Jumah and the obligatory prayers. The IIC sits on many community and voluntary committees and has representation on the East London Three faiths Forum, Redbridge Racial Equality Council, Redbridge Council of Faiths, Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE), Redbridge Police Consultative Committee Group, Racist Incident Panel, Redbridge Voluntary Sector Network, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and Helping Hands.


Ilford Islamic Centre provides the following services
Funerals – details on what to do, how to do it and who to contact in the event of the death of a loved one.
Nikah – details on what we can offer and how to book
Sports – details on our expanding list of activities – watch this space, there’s lots to come
Matrimonal – Ilford Islamic Centre will be facilitating a service for those people wanting to get married. It will give advice and a full database of potential partners
Madrassah – already established with over 300 chldren, this section describes what is taught and future developments
Sunday School – this section outlines our supplementary educational services
Community Centre
Counselling – there are a variety of issues which effect our community. IIC will aim to have professionals in place who can help with any issue you may have – COMING SOON
Employment Advice – we’re very lucky to have a huge talent pool of individuals who are able to offer sound career development Advice – COMING SOON
Elderly – this will give details on the services available for the elderly in our community – the part of the community we owe so much to – COMING SOON
Women – our most prized asset of the community. This section will outline the services specifially on offer for women – COMING SOON
Scouts – watch this space…
Interfaith – IIC is actively involved in The Interfaith Forum – this section will give details of events and discussion on the thoughts of other faiths – COMING SOON

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