Diyanet Mosque of Delaware has been activly serving our community since 2013.

Recently our Management has been changed. Since 2016, We have completed a lot of projects that had been promised.

Parking Lot Expention is completed.

Social Services Building water insulating for Basement is completed.

Playground Project is partially done. Currently we have Playground Extention Fundraiser. Our plan is to finish the extention before Ramadan.

Our Current projects are as follow

1-Playground Extention

2-Mosque Entrances renawal project

3-Between Masjid and Social Building Lightning Project

4-Women and Men restroom restoration.

As Diyanet Mosque of Delaware Management, We believe in “Whatever we can accomplish today, it will be for our future”. Our Kids are our future and they need a better environment and better and stronger community.

We are stronger together.

As-salamu Alykum

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