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DB's Haor or Shaplar Lake is a Haor located in Jaintapur Upazila. It is also known as "Red Shapler's Bill". There are DB Bills, Yam Bills, Shortcut Bills and Center Bills. These four bills together are called Lal Shaplar Bills, the four combined bills have an area of ​​900 acres or 3.64 sq km. Naturally, red bees are born here.

DB has four bills including haor, yam, harafkata central bill. The Bills are named after the DB Haor. Four Bills are located at the foothills of the Meghalaya Hills on the Bangladesh-India border. The bills took shape in Shapler's state. There are many red spots on the bill. The attraction of DB Haor is the row of hills on the other side of Haor.

There was no such clause in this bill before. 30 years ago, across the border, the Khasia community used to worship with red beads. Khasia family planted Lal Shapala saplings in DB Bill to meet the demand of flowers for puja-archana. Since then, DB Bill, Kendari Bill, Harfkata Bill, Yambil, and other nearby public ponds and drains have been filled with red mud. At least 700 acres of four bills are occupied by Lal Shapla. King Ram Singh of the Jainta kingdom was drowned in this river. There is also a two hundred year old temple built in that memory.

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