Our story begins in the 1990s, as a vibrant & thriving community of Bangladeshi families grew and developed a large presence within Longsight, Manchester and in neighbouring regions. At the heart of this community were a large number of hardworking Bangladeshi Muslims, who would have to travel great distances and at great expense, in order to fulfil their worship of Allah (SWT).

As such, a number of these prominent figures within the community gathered regularly to discuss their concerns about their difficulties in praying at a Mosque and how this may affect future generations of Bangladeshi Muslims.


In March 1994, 18 people gathered at the home of the Late Maulana Faizul Islam in Rusholme, Manchester. At this meeting the attendees agreed that a new Mosque was necessary in order to provide a place of worship for Muslims of all cultural backgrounds, and not just Bangladeshi Muslims. The 18 individuals therefore pledged as much money as they individually could, in order to purchase a building that could be transformed into a Mosque. A short time later, with the funds donated by the 18 people, the building at 47 Slade Lane was purchased, and with the hard work and resources of these founding members, and the community as a whole, a building that was previously being used as a laundrette was transformed into a Mosque and Darus Salam Mosque and Islamic Centre was established in 1994.

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