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The eastern part of the Himalayas separated from the Chandranath Pahar Himalayas. This mountain runs south and southeast of the Himalayas through the Indian states of Assam and Tripura, crossing the Feni River and joining Chittagong. Its length is about 70 km from Feni river to Chittagong city in Chittagong part. Sitakunda Eco Park has been built at the foot of this hill.

Height and crest
Chandranath Peak, situated east of Sitakunda town, is about 1020 feet (approx.) or (310 m) high and is the highest point in Chittagong district. The height of Rajbari hill is 900 feet and the height of Sajidhala is 801 feet. Coming closer to Chittagong city, the height of this hill has decreased a lot. Batali Hill on the outskirts of Chittagong city is 280 feet high and Nangarkhana a little north of the city is 298 feet high.

Fountains and fountains

Sri Sri Sita Temple, Chandranath Dham, Sitakunda.
There are two waterfalls named Sahasradhara and Suptadhara. There are many springs and waterfalls including Khaiyachhara, Harinmara, Hatuvhanga, Napittachhara, Baghbiani, Boalia, Amarmanikya in Mirsarai section. In the east, several springs and canals originate from this hill and join the Halda river. Gazaria, Barmasia, Phatikchari, Harualchari and Boalia are among them. To the west, Mahamaya, Mithachara and several other springs and springs fall into the Bay of Bengal. At present a rubber dam has been constructed on the Mahamaya ridge. This lake is the second largest man-made lake in the country, besides a picturesque lake called Nilambar Lake is located at the foot of this hill.

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