Rangpur Central Bus Terminal Jame Masjid. This mosque has three entrance gates. The mosque's magnificent two wide staircases easily attract devout Muslims as well as ordinary visitors.

It is located in the heart of Rangpur city. The beauty of Rangpur Central Bus Terminal with modern facilities and the construction style of Najhar Kara Mosque are both in discussion now. Rangpur Police Training Center is on one side of the road to this mosque. And if you go a little further, you will see the tourist motel.

It is also very large in terms of size. At present the mosque is two storied but once the construction work is completed it will be three storied. Two wide staircases, two towering minarets, mehrabs and golden colored tiles on the walls add to the beauty of the mosque. The inner range of the mosque is very large, but due to the lack of columns or pillars, the khatib or imam can be seen from the very end. Since the ablution is big, many Muslims can perform ablution together.

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