Amir Uddin Daroga Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Dhaka district of Bangladesh. Local people know it as Ghat Mosque instead of Daroga Amir Uddin Mosque. It is located in Babu Bazar area of ​​Dhaka.

History and description
Amir Uddin, an influential citizen of Dhaka, built this mosque in 1840. He was a constable during the company period. Historians believe that this mosque was built from the earnings of his job. Amir Uddin was an influential citizen of Dhaka in the 19th century. He is the policeman of the company era. He had a lot of income at that time.
Amir Uddin became a zamindar by purchasing a zamindari in Bardakhat Pargana of Tripura district from his employment income. The zamindari had 22 mouzas. This increases his nobility. But even then, unlike the zamindar, the locals called or knew him as Daroga Amir Uddin. Amir Udni built luxurious houses and mosques along Buriganga River in Dhaka. It imitates some of the architectural styles of the Mughal period.
The people of the Muslim community around the river and the mosque used to pray in it. One of the two sons of Amir Uddin was Dilwar Ali and Munshi Yusuf Ali. Yusuf Ali's son was Munshi Gholam Mawla.

Masjid Facilities
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