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Ali Amjad's Clock is a 19th-century structure in the city of Sylhet, Bangladesh, originally a large clock, mounted on the top of a house.

Located in Sylhet Sadar Upazila on the banks of the Surma river, the diameter of this clock is two and a half feet and the hand of the clock is two feet long. When there was no free movement of clocks, at that time i.e. in 1874 AD, this historic clock house was built on the banks of the Surma river on the right side of Keen Bridge, the entrance of Sylhet metropolis (North Surma) by Ali Ahmad Khan, the zamindar of Prithimpasha of Kulaura, Sylhet, named after his son Ali Amjad. The towering dome-shaped clock tower with corbels on iron poles has since become known as Ali Amjad's clock tower.

During the war of liberation, this ancient clock tower was destroyed by the shelling of the invading forces. After independence, the Sylhet municipality started the clock by repairing it, but within a few days, the clock stopped working. Ali Amjad's watch was repaired and relaunched in 1987. At that time, after starting the watch, the technicians of a company in Dhaka arranged a remote control to keep the watch running.
The clock was rotated by remote control from the municipal chairman's office. But after two or four years, the clock stopped again. The watch was then relaunched electronically by the Cezanne Company. But within a year, the clock stopped again. When Sylhet City Corporation repaired this clock in 2011 AD, it is working again 24 hours a day.

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