Al-Noor society was established in 1987 in Houston, Texas out of the need for a Islamic Center where the Ahle-Sunnah wal-Jama'at community can commemorate Islamic historic events,  maintain the identity of Ahle-Sunnah wal-Jama'at in America, and pass on true Islamic beliefs and traditions to our next generations. By the grace of Allah, in Houston, Al-Noor was the only establishment provided these services. Now Al-Hamdulillah many other organizations in Houston observe these festivities. Our Friday congregation is the largest in Texas and may be in other States, as well. The society enjoys the largest participation of the Muslim community in all our year-round programs. Al-Noor enjoys Non-profit Tax exempt status under IRS (501 C). Al-Hamdulillah in the middle of 1992, the society managed to find a property within the vicinity to fulfill our needs. Current physical location is 6443 Prestwood Dr., Houston, Texas which is centrally located minutes from downtown Houston. The facility is about two blocks from the major freeway U.S. 59/I 69 @ Hillcroft. The present facility accommodates 1100 people. We have separate prayer halls for men and women, a large dining room, class rooms, and a library. Al-Noor has invited numerous world renowned scholars to address our congregation at special events for last thirty (30) years. In 2012, with the goal to produce Islamic scholars (Ulema) locally, Al-Noor Institute of Islamic Sciences (AIIS) was established. This institute offers three-year fulltime and five-year part time Alim programs. So far, four Alims have graduated from Al-Noor Institute.

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