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In the name of Allah, The most beneficent and the most merciful.

Al-Madinah School is a state integrated area school. The school was provisionally registered on 17 August, 1992 and received a full registration as a full primary school on 17 December, 1992. The secondary section of the school was added in 1995; hence Al-Madinah became an area school. The school was integrated into the state education system in 1996.

We encourage every student to aim high and to work hard to reach his or her goals. We provide a warm and caring environment where individual needs are respected, hard work is valued and excellence applauded. The students are encouraged to achieve success, learn enduring worthwhile values, excel in education and inculcate respect for others. A great deal shall be expected to enable them to become successful and responsible members of society.

I hope you will find the following information useful in helping you decide if Al-Madinah School is the school for you.

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