The Muslim Community of Troy (non-profit entity for Al-Hidaya Center) was started by the students of the RPI Muslim Student Association who would rent a small room to perform their daily prayers in the 70s and 80s. Eventually, that room became too small, and the community purchased a two-story house in 1986. The first floor of that home was converted into a Masjid and the second floor into classrooms for the weekend school, youth and adult education, and other activities. For the last fifteen years, the community increased significantly and outgrew that two-story house. Due to limited space, major activities such as Jumah, Seminars, Eid prayers, Community Iftars, and other activities were held on the RPI campus by renting their facilities. Many other activities that the community needed were curtailed because of the lack of space. By the grace of Allah, the initiative was started to build Masjid Al-Hidaya in Latham, and the first phase of the project was completed in 2015, with two additional expansions planned for the future. Al-Hidaya currently serves the needs of thousands of Muslims in the capital district and can accommodate 1200+ attendees in the jummah prayer.

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